>>Elementary school and Junior High School in Parandeh<<
[Elementary school] The elementary school is located in the upper stream area of the Parandeh River (2800m altitude) which runs into the Panjshir Valley in Northern Afghanistan. It was built with the cooperation of the local people. Commander Massoud supplied the cement and lumber for the building. Currently 150 children from 1st grade through 6th grade are in attendance. The staff of nine consists of six teachers, a custodian, a gatekeeper and the Principal. The government has not paid their salaries in three months.
[Junior High School] A Junior high school is scheduled to be built next to the elementary school in the spring of 2004. A German NGO will lead in it's construction.
*Click here for information on Parandeh Elementary and Junior High Schools.

>>Details of the Aid Program<<
The following are the planed projects for the next ten years.
*Purchase desks and chairs for the Junior High

*Purchase a generator as the classrooms are too dark

*Purchase teaching materials for Elementary school (annually supply supplementary material, musical instruments, textbooks, notebooks, pencils, and maps, etc.)

* Purchase books ( mainly from Iran). Sending translated Japanese story books is also being considered.

*Assistance for teachers salaries: for elementary school (50), and junior high (100% for three female teachers). The Afghan government should actually pay these salaries, but we will continue assistance for up to 10 years until the government is able to take over. When this is achieved, we will redirect these funds to other areas.

*If we are able to receive enough donations, we plan to purchase a 4WD vehicle (good quality, used ones cost about 1 million yen). It would be used to provide rides to the female teachers who live 2 hours away (on foot) as well as for emergency situations. We also plan to use it as a book mobile.

>>Aid items<<
*teaching material
*teachers salaries (6 month worth for the elementary school)
*teachers salaries (12 month worth for the junior high)
*salary for driver and gas expenses
*car maintenance
[1st year only]
*desks and chairs for junior-high